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I understand that the amount of resources available to help you improve your practice and life is huge. I also know that the process of finding the best book, best speaker, best seminar, and best program to improve your practice and life is often a confusing, time consuming and frequently discouraging process. I also understand how expensive it can be. The proliferation of Thai massage, massage therapy and yoga education and training materials is amazing.

This realization inspired me to take on a mission.  My mission was to create a simple, easy to read, accessible and comprehensive resources, that provided clear information on the best methods and techniques you can easily learn.

This resource had to answer several important questions:

Thai Massage for Multiple Therapists is a unique and powerful form of traditionally based massage technique.

What is "Thai Yoga and Thai Massage"?

Indigenous Traditional Thai Medicine (ITTM) and the Chirothesia/ Hands on Healing adjuncts which derive from it, Thai Yoga, Thai Massage (slang), "the practical expression of loving kindness", can be traced through Thailand's history, more than 1000 years to the Ayurvedic teachings of Atreya and the Vasrayana or Diamond Healing lineage of Tibet.
Jivaka or Shivago Komalaboat, the patron saint of Tibetan Medicine is credited with spreading Tibetan Medicine to the Thai Sangha, the Buddhist order of monks and nuns. They found the medicine healing and restorative. It relieved many of their aches and pains and enabled them to sit long hours deep in meditation.

The monks and nuns cherished the teachings of Shivago which came to be known as Traditional Thai Medical Massage, called 'ryksaa thaang nuat phaen boran thai', literally means 'the old Thai way of healing with the hands'. The monks, supported by Thai royalty, preserved the teachings. They passed them down from one generation to the next in the form of an oral tradition. Each master in turn would personally transmit and pass on the lineage and knowledge to the next generation in a solemn ceremony. Years of intense, disciplined, practice and meditation were required in all of the healing methods.

The four principle methods used in traditional Vedic (Yoga derived) healing by the Thai monks are Wai Khruu (prayers and spiritual practice for mental health ), Herbs, Diet, and Laying On of Hands.

These remarkable teachings regarding restoration and maintenance of life have now been passed on to this generation. SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy incorporates elements of mindfulness, gentle rocking, deep stretching and rhythmic compression to create a singular healing experience. This work, as it brings fundamental elements and energy into harmony; creates wholeness of mind, body and spirit, in the client and the practitioner as well.

How was SomaVeda® Thai Yog/ Thai Massage for Multiple Therapists developed?

I first discovered this unusual and valuable method while trekking in the mountains of Thailand along the Burmese boarder. I was doing a survey of hill tribe villages investigating the traditional massage and healing methods employed by them. This technique was one of the most useful that was seen at that time and has been integrated into my practice since that time.

Let me describe first what I saw... On a typical day the farmers would head out of the remote village before sun rise. They would often have to walk miles to get to their various little terraced rice fields in this mountainous area. They did not return until late afternoon or even early evening. Again walking back from those same fields after an entire day doing the often backbreaking working of cultivating the rice for their families and village. Now in this particular Lisu village their was no power or electricity, so in the evenings the villagers did not sit around watching television, they prepared some very wholesome food. They sat and had conversation, tending to their beautiful children and they took turns doing this incredible massage on one another! It was not unusual to have 3,4 or 5 or more persons all working in tandem on the lucky recipient! Even was participating it seemed at one time or another from the 3 yr. old to the great grandmothers and fathers of the village. Generally the treatments were designed and led so to speak by the "Maa Nuad" or grandmother massage doctor, but anyone with a free hand (or foot!) was able to assist.

Children doing Thai Massage and Yoga therapy.

This practice amazed and astounded me! Not just as a unique massage form but because of it's social implications for community interaction and involvement as well. I immediately saw this work being practiced in all kinds of situations... from families to hostels, cancer and AID's hospice... anywhere, that surrounding the client with an atmosphere of healing and a web of energy would be welcome.

Benefits of SomaVeda® style Thai Yoga (Indigenous Traditional Thai Massage) for Multiple Therapists:

A. TIGHTENS THE FOCUS. Each practitioner brings his full attention to bear on a more narrow or limited view: that of the client.

B. INFLUENCES THE MATRIX BODY. 1. Compounding Subtle Energy: 2. Laying on of hands: (The Secret Tradition. The practitioners surround the client with light and love. )

C. CREATES A SENSE OF COMMUNITY among practitioners and between practitioners and client.

D. HEIGHTENS INTENTIONALITY AND ACUITY during the session. Group attention is more constant.

E. LOWERS THE PHYSICAL DEMAND ON THE INDIVIDUAL PRACTITIONER. The two to six practitioners share the `workload.'


G. PRODUCES MASTER MIND THERAPY. To the client, there is only one practitioner.

In "Thai Yoga and Thai Massage for Multiple Therapists" Each of these are explained in detail.

There is a wonderful easy to learn and easy to use method contained in this little book that may completely change you mind about the possibilities of integrating massage as a group healing dynamic. It simply must be experienced to be believed! The book has easy to follow instructions and diagrams to help you get started, all you need is a few minutes and a friend or two to share with. It's a really nice way to spend time as you work around each other and alternate who is the lucky recipient! My hope is that you will pass both this work and awareness of this powerful method to your friends and family. The book includes pictures and illustrations to assist in your learning.

The best part about this amazing book is the price. All of this incredible resource and information is available to you right now for only $ 14.95 !!


You owe it to yourself to be a success it's what we all deserve.

Whatever you do decide, good luck in your future.

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Be well and blessings to you.

Aachan, Anthony B. James DNM(P), ND, MDAM

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